Five Things Job Seekers Hate While Job Hunting in Corporate America

Application Process

Hidden Fees

  • Spending time creating/editing a resume
  • Writing and/or editing a tailored cover letter
  • Paying a service to review your resume and critique your cover letter
  • Researching the company, and or, who you are interviewing with before applying to ensure in your resume and letter you let the company know you read their stuff
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Ironing interview clothes, buying makeup, getting a fresh haircut, etc. to ensure you look your best
  • Online interviews (anywhere from 1 to 8)
  • Writing test, certification, or other pre-hiring screenings
  • Driving to an in-person interview (gas/mileage/tolls)
  • Parking Cost (if in a city)
  • The Hours Lost Traveling and Interviewing

Endless Interviews

Nobody Wants to Pay

Lack of Human Decency

What Can We Do?



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Brian Price

Brian Price

Stories about the struggles of a millennial trying to stay a float in our chaotic world.