Go Get ’Em and the State of Our Disunion

It feels like State of the Union speeches are formulaic. The President says some basic thing that every decent human should agree with. He gets an applause. The President says some party lines. Gets an applause from his side of the aisle. The President struts out a few Americans as props to tell a narrative to invoke an emotional response from his target voter. Usually, the Americans invited to the State of the Union are citizens whose country failed them and caused them to experience a great personal loss. The President highlights the hurting Americans’ tragedy as a story of resolve and the American Way! Never give up! The President makes promises. He yells. Shows passion. Or tries. The State of the Union always ends with him screaming his polite version of “AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!”

Joe Biden’s speech was no different.

It wasn’t special.

He said some good things.

He confused some things.

He used the horror in Ukraine as a talking point.

It was hard to focus on the address.

Joe isn’t a guy who can inspire a crowd.

At least not at this stage of his life.

The back three.

However, there was a moment in the State of the Union that demonstrated exactly what’s wrong with our country. Three words at the end of the speech that showcased in bright lights how far we’ve sunken as a self-proclaimed “intelligent species.”

Joe Biden finished his State of the Union by saying, “May God bless you all. May God protect our troops. Thank you. Go get ‘em.”



Was Biden referring to Putin?

Was he saying “go get ‘em” because he read or heard a message directed to his
handlers and parroted it?

Was it “go get him?”

Or “go get ‘em?”

Was Biden thinking about something else and finished his thought out loud?

Was “go get him” a code word to trigger military action?

I turned to Twitter to find out what Joe Biden meant.

“A powerful message to Putin!”

“Strong finish from Joe!”

Trolls, Democratic cultists, politicians, and mind readers jumped through mental hoops, in less than 280 characters, to justify and explain what Biden meant with his final lines. Why wait to ask Joe what he meant? People with degrees in staring at their phones knew what a man they’ve never met meant. Zero clue what he was thinking, but somehow they knew EXACTLY what Biden was trying to say. I wish they’d explain the science behind that one.

Twitter users, who have no access to President Biden or his team, for the most part claimed the line was directed at Putin. The retweets, comments, shares, and dialogue spread like wildfire. The truth is lost. Gone in a viral mess.

Writers that know better tweeted an incomplete quote out to their thousands of followers to prop up our President. Journalists left out silly little details in their social media posts. Silly little details like the full quote of what Joe Biden actually said.

“We are stronger today than we were a year ago, and we will be stronger a year from now than we are today,” Biden said, a variation on a typical line in a SOTU address. “Go get ‘em.” — Deadline

There’s just one example of the dozens and dozens quotes and social posts from reporters, media outlets, and Harrys and Sues. Paraphrasing our President’s lines is inaccurate, dangerous, a half-truth, and irresponsible.

There were other national media publications that wrote similar lines in stories about the State of the Union Address. Professional journalists leaving out the full quote. That’s not professional at all. I’d link to the articles and call them out by name in this piece, but those articles are behind pay walls. Somehow capitalism turned relevant information into a for profit business. Impressive.

Again, the actual quote from Joe Biden: “We are stronger today than we were a year ago. And we will be stronger a year from now than we are today. Now is our moment to meet and overcome the challenges of our time. And we will, as one people. One America. The United States of America. May God bless you all. May God protect our troops. Thank you. Go get ‘em.”

On the opposite side of Twitter, trolls, Republican cultists, politicians. and prophets immediately pointed to the final three words being directions for Biden’s handlers. Joe wasn’t supposed to say “go get him.” Biden was meandering a bit. Exit stage left. Go get him! The fact that this justification is just as viable as the “go get ‘em” line being directed at Putin demonstrates the dire situation of our political climate.

Blind defense or conspiracy theories.

Over three little words from a man approaching eighty-years-old and serving as the leader of the Free World.

No one bothering to ask the important question.

Why can’t we have a leader that isn’t a risk for geriatric diseases?

No more old white dudes.


Originally published at https://brianvstheworld.com on March 2, 2022.




Sick of bookshelves being stuffed with bureaucrats’ memoirs and snake-oil entrepreneurs using books as sales funnels, Brian wrote Last Chance California.

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Brian Price

Brian Price

Sick of bookshelves being stuffed with bureaucrats’ memoirs and snake-oil entrepreneurs using books as sales funnels, Brian wrote Last Chance California.

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